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“Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook”

by Jack Darr

Text: Third Edition 1973
Circuits: First Edition 1965

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The RTL logic gate IC's used in analogue mode on pages 28 (HEP-581) and 29 (HEP-582) are purely of historic interest only.
Circuits for: electronic bongos, Maestro Rhythm 'N Sound for Guitar G-2, G-1, EchoPlex tape delay unit.

AC/DC appliances (p42-44) were once common in Europe and the US, but guitar amps with live chassis and series string heaters are unknown in Australia, which is just as well as they are a death trap. Mains supply in Australia is 240V at 50Hz. Supply reversing switches are not fitted to Australian amplifiers since we have always had a mandatory safety earth while the US (an Japan) haven't.
Circuit for : Gibson GA-6

Transformerless (a.k.a AC/DC) power supplies (p71) are deprecated in Australia due to the very real shock hazard. The “Emergency Wattmeter” (p74, fig 5-5) will work, but a clamp ammeter is much safer.

With jack-to-jack and jack-to-XLR cables available for around $20 cable repair has become totally uneconomic.

(Hopefully coming soon, the circuits from the 1965 edition.)
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